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Archive for September, 2010

Why should electro touch with the English language??

We can not deceive ourselves that the foreign country more intelligent and advanced in technology, one in the field of electro!

Because that is the English language that became the international language becomes an obligation to be learned, for technology outside the country we can learn and develop in our country,


what is the reason you majored in electronics?

Technology and human beings will never be separated, as with human technology will be further developed and developing,

Talk about technology, electro is one example,
electro is a study of weak current electrical equipment operated in a way to control the flow of electrons or electrically charged particles in a device such as computers, electronic equipment, thermocouples, semiconductors, etc!!

Because the science of electro can be applied to everyday life it is very important to learn, more so in the current era of globalization, the science of electro is one answer to face free competition in the future because of that I wanted to study it more deeply,

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