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The most ideal method in learning english on classroom

In the classroom, teachers should make learning English more interesting. in my opinion the most ideal method in learning english on classroom such as :

a.  Teacher should more close with student.

b.  Uses music in learning english on classroom in order to situation can be comfortable and


c.  Teacher use english everyday with the student on classroom.


Tips for learning english easily

Actually, learning English language is very easy. okay guys i will give you some tips for learning english easily.

1. Memorize Vocabulary

Try to always open your dictonary everyday. This is important when you learn English.

2. Understand grammer

Understand all grammer in English such as tenses, participle, conditional, etc

3. Practice  your English with your friend everyday

If you train your english everyday, you will can speak english well

4. Often to listen to English songs and watch movie in english language

It will help us train our pronunciation and understand english quickly.

Simple present tenses


(+) Angga always plays Basketball everyday
(-) Angga doesn’t always play Basketball everyday
(?) does Angga always play Basketball everyday?

(+) Angga arrives in Padang today
(-) Angga doesn’t arrive in padang today.
(?) does Angga arrive in padang today?


(+) it summers in france
(-) it doesn’t summer in france
(?) does it summer in france

(+) my brother drinks milk everyday
(-) my brother doesn’t drink milk everyday
(?) does your brother drink milk everyday?

(+) Angga always learns english at everyday
(-) Angga doesn’t always learn english Everyday
(?) does Angga always learn english everyday?