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JAKARTA – MI: The government plans to budget for education in Budget 2010 reached Rp195, 6 trillion. The indicative ceiling of the 2010 budget is comprised of components of central government budget for education through Rp82, 5 billion and transfers to the regions as much as Rp113, 1 trillion, said Minister of National Education (Education Minister), Bambang Sudibyo, in Jakarta, Wednesday (24 / 6).

According to the minister, the proposed education budget is about 54 percent more, or about Rp113, 109 trillion devoted supporter of the nine-year compulsory education program for free. “Plan of 2010 that the education budget compared to 2009 for shrinkage as much as Rp207, 4 trillion,” he said.

Budget funds through the transfer of areas, including the largest general allocation fund (DAU) education to pay teachers’ salaries reached 93, 31 trillion, Rp9 special allocation funds, 33 billion, and revenue-sharing (DBH) reached Rp423, 2 billion.

Additional Articles of the DAU and the special autonomy fund education respectively Rp7, 94 trillion and Rp2, 1 trillion. Funds for the Department of National Education (MONE) reached 57.5 trillion and Rp22 trillion Ministry of Religious Affairs. (Ant/OL-04)



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